What to know before visiting Uruguay?

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Basic information: The Eastern Republic of Uruguay is located in South America, between the countries of Brazil and Argentina. It is subdivided into nineteen departments, its capital being Montevideo. Population: according to the last census carried out, Uruguay has a total of 3,286,314 (2011) inhabitants, Montevideo being the department with the most population (approx. 1,300,000). Currency: it is the Uruguayan peso, although you should know that the tourism sector generally uses values in US dollars in its rates. The relationship with the dollar is fluctuating, check the exchange rate beforehand.

Climate: Uruguay still has the four seasons differentiated. From December to February, summer reaches average temperatures between 25 ° and 35 °, constituting the high season for beaches and coasts. A short Autumn follows and in the middle of June the presence of winter introduces us to the thermal season.

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Starting in September, the spring breeze invites us to stroll through the streets with temperatures of approximately 20 °.


Although it will depend on the country from which the trip begins, the usual thing is to arrive by plane or bus. Uruguay does not have a passenger train network, but there are several bus companies with international routes, therefore, if your place of departure is [for example] a neighboring country, this option is usually the cheapest. Other times, some travelers usually use a plane to the Buenos Aires airport (Argentina) and then cross by boat or bus to the department of Colonia.

If the origin is a more remote country, access through the Carrasco International Airport is the most appropriate option.

FROM TERMINAL TRES CRUCES: If the arrival is made by land, by bus, the usual destination to the Capital of Uruguay will be Terminal Tres Cruces, the central terminal. Given its central location, from there it is easy to move to other parts of the city or to the interior of the country. Several companies that offer multiple destinations congregate there. Also, from the surroundings of that Terminal you can take the urban buses of Montevideo, taxis and remises.

FROM CARRASCO AIRPORT. Carrasco International Airport is located 20 kilometers from the city of Montevideo. As in other countries, the city center can be reached by bus, remises, taxis, vans or uber.

By bus: there is currently no exclusive bus center - airport - center. Various intercity lines enter Carrasco Airport and continue their journey. In front of the exit doors are located the bus stops for the lines to the center of the city of Montevideo, most of them pass through Terminal Tres Cruces [from there you can take another bus or taxi]. Lines to the center of Montevideo:

  • C1-C3-C5.

  • Line 701-704-705-724-710 - 711. Cost $ U 65 [value June 2019]

  • Taxi: approximate cost $ U 800 [city center]

  • Uber: approximate cost $ U 500 [daytime rate]

Approximate values ​​expressed in Uruguayan pesos.

More information: Carrasco Airport .

Uruguay has a wide range of accommodation: hotels, hostels, hostels, apartments, apart hotels, etc., for all budgets.

In Montevideo, our suggestion for a visit of a few days is to select some of these neighborhoods: Ciudad Vieja, Centro or Pocitos . Without prejudice to staying in other Montevideo neighborhoods, in these, connectivity is fluid allowing access to the most touristy places.

Check the map on the left or visit our post to get a better idea of the area to be reserved: # montevideoen2días

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As with other sites, car rental is possible. You can find different international rental companies and services. We recommend accessing the airport website to obtain more information on prices.

From the neighboring country, Argentina, there is another possibility of access through the Río de la Plata. Transportation Buenos Aires - Colonia is offered, possibility of transfer by bus Colonia - Montevideo. This service even makes it possible to cross with vehicles.